McDonalds Locations



McDonalds Locations

McDonalds in Ashburn has never been easier to find.

McDonalds in Ashburn is the biggest collection of convenience food establishments on earth, supplying more than 68 million patrons a day throughout 119 nations. McDonalds has over 33,000 restaurants spread throughout multiple areas of the world.

McDonalds organization was established in 1940 as a BBQ restaurant with headquarters in the U.S. Originally managed by Rich and Maurice McDonald who eventually decided to franchise the business and streamline production utilizing production line principles. Upon franchising, Ray Kroc became a agent owner in 1955 and bought it from the McDonalds brothers to manage it's worldwide expansion.

McDonald's mainly provides burgers, hamburgers, chicken, chips, morning meal items, carbonated beverages, beverages and sweets. In reaction to changing customer choices, the organization has extended its selection to include soups, parcels, beverages and fruit.

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